"Li-Wei has a great deal going for him, including a meltingly beautiful tone, flawless intonation and an ironclad technique."--New York Times, Feb 2002

"Li-Wei is the most gifted young cellist I have heard. Aside from an extraordinary technical fluency, he has a musical intelligence and sensitivity which is breathtaking both for its maturity and profound vision."--The Strad, April 1998

"Breath-taking temperament, technical security and a rich emotional musicality were the qualities displayed by the Chinese Li-Wei playing the Rococo Variations from Tchaikovsky with the Polnischen Orchestra."--Frankfurther Allgemelne Zeltung, July 2001

“Li-Wei is an enormously promising cellist…charismatic, generous and committed.” -- The Guardian

“His Locatelli in D was simply breathtaking…an encore of Rostropovich's Hunoresques was utterly awesome” --The Independent 

The West Australian Arts - May 2006West Australian Symphony OrchestraPerth Concert Hall, May 2006 Paul Daniel (conductor)“Performances of Elgar’s concerto stand or fall on the ability of the soloist to evoke the nostalgic, yearning essence of the writing. And Li-Wei came very close to that. Profoundly musical, the soloist revealed the gently autumnal nature of the piece, which was Elgar’s orchestral swan song.”--Neville Cohn, 15 May 2006

 BBC National Orchestra of Wales - March BBC National Orchestra of WalesCheltenhamTown Hall, 14 March 2006 Prokofiev: Sinfonia Concertante Gloucestershire Echo“Soloist and orchestra scored a great success in this fascinating work. Li-Wei is a cellist to watch out for, with a dazzling technique allied to obvious sensitivity.”--Donald Hollins South Wales Evening Post“Shanghai born Li-Wei is an artist of the highest calibre. Playing a 1720 Guiseppe Guarneri cello he brings enormous technical ability and true sensitivity for the music to any piece he plays. In this concert he performed the Sinfonia Concertante by Prokofiev, a work of enormous power and quality with a range of musical ideas to challenge any musician.”“The long second movement calls for total commitment and the cellist never wavered. The response from the audience and the orchestra was instant and he responded to the applause with a small encore to delight everyone even further.”--by Malcolm Rees

South China Morning Post - October 2005Hong Kong SinfoniettaHong Kong City Hall Concert Hal lWing Sze Yip (conductor)Tchaikovsky Variations on a Rococo Theme“The Hong Kong Sinfonietta has established a reputation for introducing promising musicians and composers – to local audiences.”“On Friday, under the baton of Yip Wing Sze, the group premiered a work by Samson Young Kar-Fai and collaborated with young cellist Li-Wei in a work by Tchaikovsky.”“Li appeared at the end of the first half of the concert. He played Variations on a Rococo Theme – a charming work that melds courtly grace with Tchaikovsky’s warm-heartedness – with meticulous, gossamer lyricism.”--Vincent Mak, 21 October 2005Surrey Mirror - January 2006London Philharmonic OrchestraDorking Concert Hall, 21 January 2006Dvorak Cello Concerto A minor“Li-Wei Qin was the soloist in the hauntingly Bohemian Dvorak Cello Concerto in A minor – once regarded as almost unplayable. This virtuoso must now be regarded as on of the world’s greatest cellists. Playing a soaring-toned 172- instrument by Guarneri, he seemed to live and love every moment of the music, constantly linking himself with conductor and orchestra.”“He had vivid phrasing and attack, and his upper registers sounded almost violin-like in tone. So involved was he at times that he became transfigured and taken over by the work. He evinced an aptly yearning tone in the elegiac adagio and then drove into the finale with passion.”--John Frayn Turner, January 2006Australian - January 2006Sydney Symphony OrchestraConcert Hall, Sydney Opera, January 2006HouseTan Dun - The Map“Cellist Li-Wei was outstanding in the highly demanding solo part. Together he and the orchestra surmounted every challenge that Tan’s score threw at them.”--Murray Black, 2 Febuary 2006The Gurardian - BBC PromsPremiere of Stuart MacRae's Hamartia. 22 August 2005"The highlight of the Scottish Ensemble's late-night Prom was Hamartia…Li-Wei's impassioned reading of the solo part was the expressive heart of the piece".--Tom Service

BOURNEMOUTH ECHO - Bournemouth Symphony OrchestraWalton Cello Concerto. Pietari InkinenPoole Arts Centre, 7 April 05."I'm grateful to Shanghai born Li-Wei for his superb performance of Walton's wonderful Cello Concerto…there is a sense of glamour in the slow first movement, an allegro full of busy virtuosity and a highly inventive finale.""Walton's debt to Elgar is discernible, our debt to Li-Wei, Inkinen and the BSO immeasurable."--Mike MarshPEORIA JOURNAL STAR - recitalVariations on a Rococo Theme by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. November 2003"Guest Li-wei Qin coaxes gorgeous sounds from cello""Next came Li-wei. Keep an eye on him - he may be the next Yo-Yo Ma. The music welled up out of this slender figure, clad in somber black, seated on a wooden pedestal with a gorgeous cello balanced in front of him. That cello's burnished hues seemed reflected in the full, rich tone Li-wei coaxed from the instrument, which ranged from a deep, rough growl in the lower register to a light, ethereal sound at the cello's higher limits.""Under consideration was Variations on a Rococo Theme by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky - a piece with just the right mix of flash and sensitivity that could really show off what this young cellist could do. Fingers danced up and down the fret board, bow skipped from one string to another, notes whirred on command in the concluding fast section. A tastefully employed vibrato and an unfailing intuition for a phrase's emotional impact revealed a poetic sensibility. In short, a remarkable performance."Gary A.PanettThe Independent - St. John's Smith SquareLocatelli, Schumann and Paganini4th November 2004"He already has a formidable reputation in the UK, having performed at the Proms to rapturous approval. The only player to perform 18th century music, his Locatelli Sonata in D was simply breathtaking. Using the minutest amount of bow, he demonstrated up-bow and down-bow staccato at such speed and clarity as though it was something of no difficulty at all.""After Schumann’s Adagio and Allegro and Paganini’s Variations on One String, an encore of Rostropovich’s Humoresques was utterly awesome."--Annette MorreauThe Scotsman - BBC SSOProkofiev Cello Concerto, Jerzy Maksymiuk5 March 2003"FIFTY years to the week after Prokofiev’s death, his lengthy Symphony - Concerto for cello and orchestra remains questionable as a quality example of his output. It’s not so much the length itself that is the problem, as the curious longeurs that periodically slacken the momentum of a work tingling with vintage Prokofiev - broad sardonic themes and ascerbic wit - but just not enough of it to adequately fill the 40 minutes.""None of that ultimately mattered, however, in an electrifying performance by the 28-year-old Chinese cellist Li-Wei. The work was written originally as a vehicle for exhibiting the phenomenal prowess of the great Mstislav Rostropovich. In Li-Wei’s lightning quick hands, last night’s Stirling performance with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra was nothing short of sensational.""In fact, the usually shocking, dry MacRobert Centre acoustics for once proved a bonus, Li-Wei’s positioning in front of the proscenium arch allowing every note to shoot out with piercing clarity. And this is a piece that has the soloist leaping from the cello’s bottom C to stratospheres normally reserved for the violin with no mercy shown.""Not everything in Prokofiev’s complex and often imaginative accompaniment clicked as precisely into place as it should under Jerzy Maksymiuk’s occasionally overwrought direction. But Li-Wei’s magnetic presence ultimately galvanised the occasion. Great performance, but maybe not the most cogent example of Prokofiev."--KENNETH WALTON
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